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So you want to be a DJ?

Please take the time to understand the basic rules and DJ standards. Questions can be answered in our IRC channel #radioanonops. Please use the webchat below or come to
Lets talk the basic technologies and practices involved.
First, our servers. Our configuration is modular. As a DJ the entire ecosystem is not relevant. Therefore, we shall focus on the DJ server only. The server you will be broadcasting to must be compatible with the icecast protocol. You can read more about their server and see some tools at
We do not have any specific tool recomendations, try the icecast site and our good friend google.
You will be serving songs using a broadcasting utility located on your computer and songs located on your system. Your stream will be sent to our DJ server, which will then broadcast your show through our server ecosystem. From your computer, it is only one stream going out. Nobody will be able to trace back to your system. Our servers will be the only thing they can see. To broadcast to our DJ server, you will need a userid and password. Those will not be supplied here. You will need to get those from the appropriate party in the #RadioAnonOps channel via our IRC.
When the time comes to broadcast your show, have your material ready, know the userid and password for the DJ server, and you are ready to go. Again, thank you for your effort, talent, and energy. Please respect our rules and guidelines. Have a great show.
Thank you.